Sweet Baby Ray’s Beef Jerky Review

I recently had the chance to do a Sweet Baby Ray’s Beef Jerky review, and I have to say that I was impressed. The beef jerky was moist and tender, with just the right amount of chewiness.

The sweet and savory flavors were well balanced, and the spices added a nice kick. Overall, I would definitely recommend Sweet Baby Ray’s Beef Jerky to anyone looking for a delicious and satisfying snack. I tested the 3 oz/85 g packs.

Anticipations While Writing Sweet Baby Ray’s Beef Jerky Review:

On the trail, I’m anticipating enjoying this food a great deal. I adore the barbeque taste of this product. I also appreciate that eating jerky kept me feeling full for longer, so I anticipate that eating the jerky will provide me with a lot of energy on my trip.

The weight of the package is 3.53 oz/100 g.

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Seasoned Ground Beef, Red Pepper Flakes, Brown Sugar, Sweet Baby Ray’s Original recipe, Vinegar Powder, Maltodextrin, Pineapple Juice, Worcestershire Sauce Powder, Natural Flavor, Sulfiting Agents, Protein Blend, Natural Smoke Flavor, Spices. There May Be Wheat And Soy In It.

Item Description

I enjoy Sweet Baby Ray’s Beef Jerky from Bridgford while on the road, which is a unique savor of beef jerky.

The process of creating jerky is not something I go through, but it’s essentially a type of meat that can be kept and transported without the need for refrigeration.

Sweet Baby Ray’s original recipe and honey-chipotle are just a couple of the flavor options available. Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce is used in this jerky, so the taste may differ from other unflavored jerks. 

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Nutritional Information

The nutritional information on the package is identical, with the exception that three 1 oz/28 g packages are stated instead of two. With a weight of 3 oz/85 g, this indicates that it has been made from identical components as before and therefore contains the same proportions by volume.

The flooring pad comes in a locked plastic container with a tear-off top strip. The package is bendy that would easily fit into a backpack.

Because there is a little quantity of air entrapped in the box, it will take up somewhat more space in my bag, but the packaging is nearly flat.

There is also a resealable zip closure at the top of the box, approximately 1 inch/2.5 cm from the top, allowing me to seal it for future use if I am not consuming the entire box all at once. A tiny silica pack is included with the package to keep moisture out as well.

The derivative is comprised of tiny, compact pieces of dried beef, as beef jerky usually is. Some are up to 2 inches long, while others are entirely shredded.

sweet baby ray's beef jerky review

Pedagogy And Guarantee

Here are some important facts to keep in mind. The first is that the silica product should not be ingested.

Because it is usable, it has an excellent shelf life, as shown by the expiry date in the corner of the box, directly beneath the Bridgford logo.

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First Imprints And Testing

For lunch at work, I tried one box of original flavors and a packet of honey-chipotle the next days to get a feel for it.

I usually have a light lunch and one packet was more than enough for a hearty supper. Despite eating one SBR for lunch around 12 noon, I didn’t deem starved until almost 7 p.m. Of course, at work, I use less energy than on the trail.

When I pulled out the SBR’s original recipe from the box, I was struck by a powerful barbecue sauce odor. This is some potent stuff!

The flavor of this beef jerky is similar to that of other types of beef jerky I’ve tried. It’s a little leathery, but it’s to be expected given the genre. There’s a little sweetness in it, but not much heat.

I loved it both times I ate it. When the beef jerky kept bothering me, my fingertips had a little layer of sauce on them, so I washed my hands before returning to work.

After that, I avoided the honey-chipotle flavor, but I experienced the same sensation. This has an appealing smell to it as well.

I didn’t see any substantial changes in taste. My instinct tells me that the sauce is hotter than the prior one, even though it isn’t significantly so. In any case, I felt that this strain’s flavor was excellent.

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sweet baby ray's beef jerky review
Beef Jerky on a cutting board

Detailed Sweet Baby Ray’s Beef Jerky Review

Sweet Baby Ray’s Beef Jerky is a new flavor of beef jerky that I love for its high protein content. I’m not going to get too technical about jerky making, but it’s essentially dehydrated meat.

Sweet Baby Ray’s jerky is flavored with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce, so the flavor of this jerky may be different from ‘unflavored’ jerky. There are two varieties of Sweet Baby Ray’s jerky: original and honey chipotle. The nutritional facts for the flavors are identical, as shown below for Original.

SBR’s products are enclosed in a sealed plastic packet with a tear-off strip at the top. The package is bendy and may be carried in a backpack without difficulty.

Because there is a little amount of air in the box, it will take up more room in my luggage. Because the pack is nearly flat, however, there is a resealable zip closure approximately 1 inch / 2.5 centimeters from the top of the package.

There’s also a tiny silica packet included in the package to prevent excessive dampness.

Unlike other beef jerky, the Beef-Free jerky is made up of tiny chips and pieces of dried beef. Some are about 1 to 2 inches long, while others are finely chopped bits.

The selling point of SBR’s jerky is the sauce it contains, which is referred to as “the boss” on the package. This implies that this jerky should be smoky and spicy, whether it’s served with regular barbecue sauce or a honey-chipotle flavor.

The following two items are the most significant. The first is that the silica packet should not be consumed. Secondly, it has an excellent shelf life, which is displayed by a “best before” date printed on the package’s reverse to the right of the Bridgford logo in the photo below.

Because the manufacturer’s suggested shelf life for this jerky is 15 months.

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  • I’m still trying to figure out how best to describe our flavor. It’s quite something, excellent though.
  • A sense of satiety that lasts and has a backing that can be resealed if required.
  • The odor is so powerful that it will attract animals(maybe).

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