About Us

Having our own family restaurant and bar business a few years ago, means we are passionate about food, but specifically beef jerky.  We love low carb snacks, that taste amazing! Jerky fits that bill. You can make jerky out of numerous kinds of meat, but our favorite is beef jerky.

There are literally hundreds of recipes for meat jerky. So, on jerkybois.com you will find recipes that we use, and recipes that we will consider an experiment. Some of these jerky recipes will be just typed and accompanied by some pictures. While others will be in the form of video. Other content  will be just answering questions that we know people ask pertaining to jerky.

We’re also going to review different brands of already-made jerky. We’ll give you our honest opinions on these jerky products. We’ll also be giving you our honest impressions of the equipment we use, as well.

We’re really excited to be sharing our knowledge of making beef jerky (and of course other meat jerky too) through this website, and look forward to all of your questions and requests. If you’d like us to review anything or make a specific recipe for jerky, feel free to reach out. If we can do it, we will try to fulfill all your requests (within reason, though…lol..)