How To Make Beef Jerky Sweet And Spicy

Do you love the taste of sweet and spicy foods? If you do, then you’re going to love this how-to guide on making beef jerky sweet and spicy! In this guide, we will teach you how to make delicious jerky that is both sweet and spicy. It’s the perfect blend of flavors for those who crave a bit of both in their food. So, if you’re ready to learn how to make some amazing beef jerky, keep reading!

 Step By Step To Make Beef Jerkey Sweet And Spicy

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 pound lean minced beef 
  • 1/2 cup teriyaki sauce 
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar 
  • One tablespoon of garlic powder 
  • -1 teaspoon onion powder 
  • -One teaspoon of black pepper 
  • -Half teaspoon of ground cumin 
  • -1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper 
  • -1/4 teaspoon paprika
How To Make Beef Jerky Sweet And Spicy - image from pixabay by LUM3NHow To Make Beef Jerky Sweet And Spicy - image from pixabay by LUM3N
How To Make Beef Jerky Sweet And Spicy – image from pixabay by LUM3N


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Preparing The Beef

Making beef jerky is an art form, and there are many ways to prepare beef. Some people like their beef jerky sweet, while others prefer it spicy. Whatever your preference, there are a few key steps to follow to ensure that your beef jerky turns out delicious. First, you’ll need to select the right cut of beef. For the best results, choose a lean cut of meat with minimal fat content. Next, trim away any excess fat and slice the meat into thin strips.

Marinating The Beef

Marinating the beef is the key to making it sweet and succulent. The longer you marinate, the sweeter and more flavorful your finished product will be. For this recipe, we recommend marinating overnight for the best results. 

Simply combine all the ingredients in a resealable bag or container, massage it into the beef, and let it sit in the fridge overnight. In the morning, drain off any excess marinade and discard it. Then, preheat your oven or dehydrator to the highest setting and cook the beef jerky until it’s nice and dry. 

Seasoning The Beef

How To Make Beef Jerky Sweet And Spicy: Seasoning beef is the key to a great-tasting jerky. To make the beef sweet, use a marinade with brown sugar or honey. For a spicy flavor, add cayenne pepper, chili powder, or jalapeno peppers to the marinade. If you like a sweeter jerky, use more brown sugar or honey. 

Let the beef marinate in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours, or overnight for best results. Drain the marinade and pat the beef dry with paper towels. Place the beef on a rack over a baking sheet and bake at 200 degrees F for 4-6 hours, or until the beef is dried and slightly hard to the touch. Enjoy your delicious homemade beef jerky!

Baking The Beef Jerky

Baking the beef jerky will give it a unique flavor. The key to making the best-tasting beef jerky is to marinate the meat for at least 24 hours. This will allow the flavors to penetrate the meat and make it more tender. After the beef has been marinated, it should be placed on a baking sheet and cooked in a preheated oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for four hours.

 Once the beef jerky is cooked, it can be stored in an airtight container and kept in the fridge for up to two weeks. When you’re ready to eat it, simply slice the jerky into thin strips and enjoy.

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Ways To Store Beef Jerky Sweet And Spicy

There are a few different ways that you can store your beef jerky to keep it fresh and delicious. First, you can place it in an airtight container and keep it in the fridge for up to two weeks. Alternatively, you can freeze the beef jerky for longer-term storage. Finally, if you want to keep the beef jerky at room temperature, simply place it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. 

Faqs About Beef Jerky Sweet And Spicy

How Long Does Beef Jerky Last?

Many people are unsure about how long beef jerky lasts. The answer depends on a few different factors, including the type of beef jerky and how it is stored. Beef jerky that is made with lean cuts of meat and simple ingredients will last longer than those made with fatty cuts of meat or processed ingredients. 

Beef jerky that is stored in a cool, dry place will also last longer than those that are exposed to heat or moisture. In general, beef jerky will last for several months if it is stored properly. However, it is always best to check the expiration date on the package before consuming any food product.

How To Make Beef Jerky Sweet And Spicy - image from pixabay by RiatE
How To Make Beef Jerky Sweet And Spicy – image from pixabay by RiatE

How Do You Know When Beef Jerky Is Done?

 If the temperature is too low, the beef will not dehydrate properly and will be tough. If the temperature is too high, the beef will dehydrate too quickly and will be dry. The ideal temperature for making beef jerky is between 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Jerky should also be made in a well-ventilated area so that the moisture can escape, and the beef can dehydrate properly. Beef jerky is done when it is dry but still pliable. It should not be brittle or hard. When stored properly, beef jerky will last for several months. Beef jerky can be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.


Beef jerky is a delicious, nutritious snack that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. While it is traditionally made with beef, pork or chicken, there are now many recipes that use vegetarian ingredients such as tofu or tempeh. Beef jerky is high in protein and low in fat, making it an ideal snack for athletes or anyone who is looking for a healthy alternative to traditional junk food. Beef jerky can be made at home using a dehydrator or purchased from a store. However, store-bought beef jerky is often very expensive and not always of the best quality. 

If you want to make your own beef jerky, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, choose lean cuts of meat such as sirloin or flank steak. Trim any excess fat off of the meat and then slice it into thin strips. Next, marinate the meat strips in a mixture of soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, and black pepper. Once the meat has been marinated, lay it out on a dehydrator tray and set the dehydrator to 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

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