Duck Dynasty Beef Jerky Review

While searching to write a duck dynasty beef jerky review, I found some interesting facts. Duck Dynasty is an A&E reality show that focuses on the Robertsons, a family of Louisiana duck hunters who became rich as a result of their successful duck call manufacturing and retailing business.

The program has since grown in popularity for its unique southern charm and conservative principles. The Robertson family also has a line of consumer goods available, which includes beef jerky.

I’d seen a commercial for Duck Dynasty’s beef jerky and was intrigued to see what it was like since I’m a fan of the program and enjoy beef jerky. Because there are so many various types of jerky available, I had no idea what to anticipate.

I was pleasantly surprised by Duck Dynasty’s beef jerky, which is made with high-quality ingredients and has a delicious taste.

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Duck Dynasty Beef Jerky Review

Duck Dynasty Beef Jerky is one of a slew of authorized items based on the popular reality show about bearded men, camo clothing, and redneck humor.

It’s actually made by Monogram Meat Snacks of Memphis, Tennessee, which is the maker of Trails Best jerky. Monogram is a firm that produces Wild Bill’s Beef Jerky as well as numerous other meat snack brands.

Duck Dynasty Beef Jerky is available in Original and Teriyaki. 

duck dynasty beef jerky review

Ingredients And Nutritional Information

This Duck Dynasty beef jerky review will examine a 3-ounce/85-gram duck jerky bag from the Duck Dynasty brand name. It was purchased in December 2013 at a ShopRite store in Greenwich, New Jersey for $7.99.

The huge, successful private labeler Monogram Foods LLC., produces and distributes this jerky. They are based in Memphis, Tennessee, but has other locations throughout the United States.

It was really amazing to me how big Monogram Foods LLC. is in the jerky market while on my limited trips across the United States. They may even challenge Jack Links in bagged jerky sales in North America.

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Ingredient Assessment

Ingredients: Beef, Water, Brown Sugar, Salt. Flavorings, Vinegar, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Citric Acid, and Sodium Nitrite are all used in small amounts. Allergen Warnings: Soy

There is a possibility that the cattle were treated with growth hormones or antibiotics. In addition, the beef isn’t guaranteed to have at least partial free-range access to graze on grass. As a consequence, the highest ingredient score possible is a Good (8/10) rating.

Simply water and nutritious vinegar make up the liquid marinade.

The sugar level is rather high, with 7 grams of sugar in every 28 grams of jerky. We would rather not see the sugar level climb any higher than 3 grams. The sodium content is particularly high at 600mg salt per 28 grams of jerky. Our preference is for 350 mg or less salt.

This jerky does contain unhealthy sodium nitrite as a primary preservative, in addition to salt. Apart from that, citric acid and vinegar act as preservatives. Citric acid may be produced in a variety of ways, with varying quality.

This jerky does not have the necessary levels of MSG reduction. Hydrolyzed soy protein is used as a flavor enhancer that has been highly processed. Unhealthy trans fats are produced by hydrolyzed soy protein, too.

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Ingredients are Fair

Taste Assessment

This is a two-pound package of beef jerky strips. They are tiny and medium in size, with a moderate thickness. There’s a good texture to it, but it’s rather dry. Fat deposits are visible, adding to the overall flavor and providing for easy cleaning,

This bag is supposed to hold 3 ounces of jerky (85 grams), though the actual jerky weight is only 76 grams.

Bags of jerky are frequently found with an extra two grams or so. You lose 9 grams, more than 10% of the entire jerky weight, with this bag.

The first taste noticed is a somewhat processed beef flavor. There’s a strong salty flavor that distinguishes this flavor. The soy taste is faint, and this flavor is moderately sweet. While not unpleasant to eat, there isn’t anything outstanding about it.

The 3-ounce, 85-gram bag of jerky was purchased for $7.99. That comes to $2.67 per ounce, which is rather high considering some unhealthy additives are used. Not to mention that the jerky is almost 9 grams underweight.


Taste is average

Bags Assessment

The bag is well-designed and has a lot of features. All parts are imprinted directly on the bag, both the front and rear. This bag does not have any labels attached to it. The Duck Dynasty cast’s high-resolution photo is featured on the front of the bag.

On the back, there’s a brief description of this jerky. The phrases “Hey, High in Protein,” “Jack! Low in Fat,” and “Happy Happy Happy” are all written on the packaging.

The following is a list of every essential bag category, as well as some minor exceptions that can be the necessary parts of the duck dynasty beef jerky review. The jerky weight is not printed in grams, and there is no customer phone number supplied for inquiries.

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The bags are Fine.

duck dynasty beef jerky review


Duck Dynasty Beef Jerky has a delicate, sweet taste with an oily aftertaste. The first few bites are salty, followed by traces of soy sauce. In the background, there’s now a little bit of pepperiness.

It’s a bland, forgettable flavor as a beef jerky labeled as an “Original” kind. It has just enough sweetness and spice to keep you wanting more without trying to impress you. I only detect mild traces of natural meat flavor.

Overall, there will be a lot of saltiness, as well as little pieces and parts of various things. Otherwise, it’s largely your average jerky made in factories like this one at supermarkets like Walmart and Bass Pro Shops.

The texture of the beef is ideal for whole-muscle jerky, with a steak-like chewing sensation as it is chewed.

The trick is to take the beef and mix it with a tiny amount of liquid over high heat. Once you’ve cooked it to the right temperature, drain off any excess liquid. It’s not difficult, but neither is it delicate. It’s mostly a dry jerky with only a little greasy surface feel on account of the small amount of fat

Duck Dynasty Beef Jerky is only available in select outlets, but it may be purchased on for $8.25 per 3oz package.

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Original Duck Dynasty beef jerky review tells that it has a lightly spicy, yet mild flavor profile with a substantial saltiness as its primary taste characteristic.

This dog chew toy is soft, smooth, and textured in all the right ways. There are no stringy or unchewable tissues inside.

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